Bus Buddies


Bus Buddy Program

Bus Buddies Kick Off

Learning to ride the bus is fun and easy with the help of a volunteer Bus Buddy! Travel on the bus increases socialization, independence and the freedom to travel on your own time.

What is a Bus Buddy?

A Bus Buddy is an experienced bus rider of Waukesha Metro Transit who volunteers their time to familiarize and make individuals more comfortable with riding the bus.

What can I learn from a Bus Buddy?

A Bus Buddy will teach you how to:

  • Practice safety on the bus
  • Read bus schedules
  • Plan your trip and ride the bus
  • Pay fares and purchase a bus pass
  • Ride the bus with confidence

Who can request a Bus Buddy?

Anyone interested in riding the bus can request complimentary training from a Bus Buddy.

How can I become involved?

If you are ready to experience the independence riding the bus has to offer or you would like to help others learn to ride the bus as a Bus Buddy volunteer, contact:

Sarah Harvey, Mobility Manager (262) 522-2408 | SarahH@eraswaukesha.org