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This website is designed to help the residents of Waukesha County locate transportation options that best suit their needs. Get started by clicking the button above to find available transportation services. Please note the information provided is subject to change and may not be inclusive of every available option. The complete listing of available transportation providers is also available for download in English or Spanish.

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A bit of history...

As a response to growing needs, Find-a-Ride Network (FARN) was developed through a collective community process including seniors, adults with disabilities, and representatives from county government, transportation providers, hospital systems, nonprofit human service providers, and business. In 2016, FARN determined that the community’s growing and aging population of seniors and adults with disabilities would be best served through a One-Call One-Click system. Find-a-Ride Network continues the vision of providing all persons in Waukesha County access to assets and resources necessary for meaningful lives.

This website will continue to change as the Find-a-Ride Network Initiative continues to evolve. For questions or more information, contact us here.